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Domaći sladoled od banane – samo 3 sastojka


London City Break

domaći sladoled

It has been almost 6 years from my last visit to London. My favorite city in the world! And last month I came back for a London city break. The trigger for visiting London again was a cheap airplane ticket from Zagreb. Although the trip lasted just for 3 days it was more than enough for me! I can’t explain what London has that knocked me out of my feet. Probably, the reason is that it was my first flight ever 8 years ago in London.

london city break

This time, I just needed that stroll down the Thames river and smell of leather and food in the Camden town.

Strolling Around London

With new airline (Monarch), you can get to London for a really cheap price. I am talking about 55 euros for a round trip ticket! That is what I did! Buying a ticket is the first step, right? Accommodation is the next. This time I wanted to spend as less as possible, so I booked Airbnb room in Brixton. Oh, my Gosh! It was a terrible room! Wouldn’t recommend it. I mean, Brixton is ok area and it is 45 minutes away from the center of London. And, the accommodation around here si pretty cheap. But, take a second look when searching for a room. 🙂

St pauls chatedralOn Sunday, the weather was sunny so, I decided to pay a visit to London ZOO. The ZOO was full of families with babies. It was nice! I saw a gorilla! Yeah! 

I got back to London City and went to Tower Bridge. Lucky, I had a London pass, so I did not have to wait in a cue. Fast track is a life saver in touristic sites like Tower Bridge. 

small5Tate Modern

And, worth of visit is always the Tate Modern! I just love love love the Tate. Walk from St. Paul’s Cathedral through the Millennium bridge towards the Tate is a must do! The Tate is really wonderful! 

neils yard

Another cute part of London I did not see before was – Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Colorful square with a few coffee bars and restaurants.

#Tip: Grab a coffee to go and sit in this special spot in the center of London. Enjoy that wonderful architecture.

Since it was my third visit, I didn’t go to all must see sites in London. But, if you are in London for the first time here is a short list of sites to see and things to do:

  • London Bridge
  • Big Ben
  • Drink a coffee in Hyde Park
  • London ZOO
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Eat and enjoy Camden Town
  • Take a stroll down the Covent Garden
  • Tate Modern
  • Battlefield ship
  • Tower Bridge
  • See a musical in a famous London theaters
  • Take a Thames cruise
  • Go to Greenwich Meridian
  • ….

London City Break – Street Food Taxi Tour

The luck was that I stumble upon a great tour in London. Not just, any kind of a tour. But, black taxi food tour. Where the guide was the driver of iconic London black cab.

The meeting point was at Bethnal Green tube station. The very first station I arrived at, the first time I was in London. It was the perfect start. 

With few words about the importance of this meeting point and findings that Hackney is The Bronx of London, the tour continued to London fields Broadway Market. Saturday morning and noon are the best times to visit this market. It is full of local people with just a few tourists. On the stands, you can find everything – from freshly baked bread to pulled pork sandwiches. 


markets in east london

After a history tour through East London, we stopped at Spitalfields Market. Where the East End of London meets the city of London. Food traders mixing with independent traders, tailors, dress and hat makers, vintage clothes and furniture and much more. Here I bought myself a food prop – ceramic cup for one pound. 🙂

spitfields market

The last site was the biggest and the most crowded Borough Market. This popular market was buzzing with the tourists and locals. I had a perfect gluten free tacos in El Pastor and pulled duck with vegetables on one of the stands. Definitely, my top recommendation. 

el pastor

brought market

Where to Eat in London

I was mostly focused on markets and the street food. So, on Sunday I went to the most popular part of London – Camden Town. It hasn’t changed much. Just a few hundreds of tourists more. Although, it was crowded I was enjoying. 

camden town

camden twn

For the breakfast, I would like to recommend Cafe Loren. Where the most delicious shakshuka is served. I had the classic one, but my husband tried shakshuka with avocado. Definitely, interesting combination of flavors. 

Cafe loren

And on the market I had gluten free pancakes on France stand and tasty salad with avocado and chicken. I saw a pretty long cut in front of burger and tortilla stands. So, you can choose whatever you like.  Interesting thing is that the part of the Camden Market on the right side now is a construction site. Right there 8 years ago, I had a chance to eat a burrito on the scooter chair. See the pic 🙂


meI must say that London in 3 days was full of walking (20 km every day! Yeah I know I am crazy! :)) and eating! 🙂 In St. Katharine docks I had coffee and a cake in White Mulberries. The cake was not fantastic but the view was. The White Mulberries looks over the London docks. You can see yachts and sailboats here. 

What about burgers?

In Covet Garden I  eat a burger in Honest Burgers run by an Italian guy. Also, my recommendation if you are craving for gluten free burgers. The food and staff are wonderful! 
For those who like McDonald’s kind of food the Shake Shack just opened in London near Trafalgar Square. Burgers are far better than in McDonald’s, but still not my cup of tea. 

london eye

All in all, London is still my favorite city in the world.  It is a vibrant city and everything you wish for you can get there. 

Once again, thank you, London for having me! See you soon! 🙂

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